How to unblock a toilet Wandsworth

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March 15, 2016
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April 24, 2016

We have all experienced different plumbing problems, and problems with a blocked toilet Wandsworth is probably one that happens most often in all households. This problem usually happens due to the fact that we throw away things we should not in the toilet (food remains, etc.) that eventually create blocks that prevent the toilet from normal functioning. A blocked toilet Wandsworth is something that should better be handled by professionals, which is a reason why we are at your disposal around the clock. Whenever you experience a plumbing problem, be it a blocked toilet or any other plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are professional experts in the area of plumbing installation, maintenance and repair. We have been doing this for many years now. We have the tools and the staff to solve any and every plumbing problem swiftly and efficiently.

If you are thinking about the installation of new plumbing, we always recommend to take into consideration certain rules and standards so your plumbing can be quality, functional and long-lasting.
The installation of plumbing in a bathroom is usually performed with solid pipes with isolation. Insolation is mandatory for all pipes in a bathroom, primarily because pipes expand and constrict in walls due to temperature changes (and there are other technical reasons as well).

Water closing valves are installed on pipes for running water and on boiler attachments. All attachments and valves should stand parallel so they are aesthetically pleasing.

Outgoing bathroom plumbing is usually made of PVC pipes with 50 mm diameter in the floor and 40 mm diameter for the sink and washing machine. A bathroom syphon should be placed on a sink drain so that water runs through it, because this will prevent unpleasant smells from the drains. Contact us with confidence to complete all plumbing installations for your household needs.

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