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September 14, 2014
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November 24, 2014
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A problem with a domestic boiler is an expensive inconvenience at the best of times, as many of the boiler breakdowns happen in the the cold winter months. This is usually because boilers have not been used for months and are then brought back to life, which can put a great strain on your central heating system as it tries to heat the home. Some common boiler problems can be sorted locally by the homeowner but if there is any doubt, it’s always best to seek professional help from a reputable engineer like a Wandsworth Plumber. The controls on your boiler can sometimes be responsible for snags that occur. A quick but quite thorough inspection of things like the thermostat, valves on the radiators, timers and programming equipment can sometimes be quite valuable. You should not really attempt to do any major servicing or repair work on your heating system and must always seek the skills of professionals like Wandsworth Plumbers and keep in mind that all boilers and heating systems should be serviced and checked regularly by a professional plumbing service. The thermostat will control the warmth of your home when you want it and decrease the heat when you don’t The hot water and heating are controlled by the various switches on your boiler panel like the timed/off/constant switches. Make sure the display is reading accurately. If you have a thermostatic control valve, turn it up. If you have a conventional lock shield valve, then re-adjust the setting. If there is no change after you’ve adjusted the settings, there is a fault with your radiator valve and will need to call a Gas Safe registered engineer to drain the system and replace it and of course the work will always be guaranteed. Condensate pipework carry condensation from your boiler to your outside drain. When the weather is really cold this pipe can freeze and cause a blockage causing a shutdown.

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