Bending Copper

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April 28, 2014

The best way to achieve this is by using a proven way that all the professional plumbing services use in to bend copper pipes successfully and accurately, that is to use a piece of kit called a pipe bender. Most pipe benders are made for a number of different pipe diameters:
Small that are usually, 8, 10, and 12mm pipes.
Larger that are usually, 15 and 22mm pipes.

If there is ever a requirement to bend copper tubing wider than this you either need to purchase a very expensive powered bender, or just use fittings for the copper tube above 22mm instead. Wandsworth Plumbers use pipe-bending equipment.


1). Make sure that the bender fully open so the arms are 180° to each other. Slide the copper tube between the arms, making sure it goes under the retaining arm and into the correct sized channel.
Bend the top so that it is parallel with the pipe, which the grooves have now covered. Start pulling the top arm down to start the bend. Pull the arms together in a single continuous movement until the correct angle is made. Release the tube by opening the arms. Another pie bender is available that can bend pipes of sizes, 15mm/22mm.

The Microbore Pipe:

Small benders are nearly always used for microbore copper tube. The pipe usually is supplied in a role and can often be bent by hand. However, in order to achieve a sharper, cleaner bend you will need a bending machine. The microbore is a pipe that is usually 8/10mm in size and is usually used in central heating systems with its main advantage being a very low heat loss as water passes through it. It is also very flexible and easy to run. A Wandsworth Plumber is trained in pipe bending techniques.

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