Domestic Water Management

Immersion Heater (Clean)
July 1, 2014
Copper Pipe Bending
September 14, 2014

Have you ever thought when you turn on your tap to fill a glass of water or fill the kettle for the best cuppa of the day, when you shower or wash your clothes, thought about the journey it has to make to get there. Apart from all the treatment and processes it goes through, it still has to transit various pipework routes etc. to get to you and how can you use all the system appliances to survive any leaking or potential floods. The first stop really is the rising main stop tap which controls the flow water into a property. It supplies the cold-water storage tank, and feed and expansion tank, the kitchen cold tap and some appliances, such as a washing machine. Isolating it prevents storage vessels from refilling, and will stop any leaking from kitchen pipework. The rising main can be drained via the drain valve usually near the stop tap. A Wandsworth Plumber can maintain all plumbing appliances. Use a garden hose to direct the water away from the house. The cold water storage tank, feeds all other cold taps in the house, and also the cistern for the WC. There can be an on/off valve fitted to the supply pipe from the tank. Isolating this and opening all the cold taps will stop leaks from these pipes. It there is no valve, isolate the rising main stop tap and open all cold taps to drain the storage tank to stop any leaks. The hot water storage cylinder is fed from the storage tank. Wandsworth Plumbers carry all the correct tools. If a cylinder or its supply pipe is leaking, the cylinder must be drained with the drain valve near the base. Connect a garden hose to drain the contents out of the home. Isolate the supply to the cylinder or empty the storage tank. Just to open the hot taps will not drain the cylinder. The feed and expansion tank restores the water losses from a heating system. Should the heating system develop a leak, isolate the boiler and drain the system using the drain valve at the lowest point.

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